Citrus Burst

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Fever has come to our house, I’m pretty sure it isn’t The Pestilence but it’s a fever none the less. I’m pretty sure I would get a distinction if I sat an exam purely about fever however that didn’t stop me spending the night on Google – just in case I missed something the last time we had a temperature, or the time before that.

It turns out that I had missed something – cayenne pepper and ginger promote fever and sweating which will help reduce the overall temperature and help relieve congestion. Now I just had to think of a way to using cayenne pepper for my breakfast. And here it is…

Citrus Burst
Serves 2

2 oranges, peeled
2 peaches
1 grapefruit, peeled
1 lemon
1 inch ginger
Sprinkle of cayenne pepper

  1. Roughly chop the larger pieces of fruit to a size that will happily go through your juicer
  2. Juice the ginger and peach first then put through the citrus fruits. I always pour through a little filtered water at the end to push the juice along
  3. Add the cayenne pepper to the juice and mix well, pour into glasses to serve

The citrus fruit in this juice will not only provide a boost of vitamin C, it will help to reduce fever and fight fatigue.


Hannah x

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