Smoothie Bowl



I’ve always loved a good smoothie, then I came across smoothie bowls and life was complete…I’d found yet another versatile addition to my breakfast repertoire and this one makes a great end of the week throw-everything-in kind of versatile breakfast!

I have a loose way of putting together a smoothie to include fats, protein and carbohydrates, here is my basic recipe but it really is a case of a good mix of fruit and veg.

Smoothie Bowl

Handful spinach
½ avocado
250ml almond milk
1 tbsp nut butter
1 tbsp cacao nibs
Handful mint leaves
1 tsp vanilla

Toppings can include –
Apples, pears, bananas
Nuts & seeds
Cacao nibs, bees pollen

  1. Put all of the smoothie ingredients into a bowl and blitz for two minutes
  2. Decorate with the toppings of your choice

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