Weight Loss

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ShoreBeing are pleased to offer a unique program aimed at helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Our online program is designed to fit easily into your daily life, it’s uncomplicated, achievable and will support you in making positive changes to your health for long term weight loss. The program will show you how to restructure your diet to have a significant impact on your weight and well-being. Our program fits in with your lifestyle so whether your vegan, pescatarian or a meat eater, get healthy and happy on our four week weight loss program!

Why should you join the ShoreBeing Weight Loss Program?

  • Delicious nutrient rich recipes suitable for the entire family
  • Clear nutritional information to help you make educated food choices
  • A simple, structured exercise program suitable for all fitness levels
  • Ongoing support and motivation from the ShoreBeing team
  • Practical resources to simplify meal planning
  • Daily motivational ideas, hints and tips
  • Focused, individual goal setting to keep you on track

By following the ShoreBeing Weight Loss Program, you can finally wave goodbye to faddy diets, calorie counting and food deprivation. All it takes is a four week commitment to start to change your eating habits forever. All for only £49!

“I think I was quite a demanding customer and asked lots of questions but both Helen and Hannah answered quickly and comprehensively offering lots of tips and advice. During my difficult moments I was given really helpful advice and support which helped me to beat cravings”

“I think you are offering something very unusual, very high quality, very good value for money, very enjoyable, very supportive, very achievable, that really works. I would recommend it without hesitation”

Please email for more information or, alternatively, the course can be purchased below.